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Jack's Creek Farm has been growing award-winning Christmas trees on 50 acres of historic farmland in Northern Georgia for over 51 years.  We feel that the old fashion "Choose & Cut" method provides families with the freshest trees possible. Jack's Creek offers a rich and warm experience that will enhance any family holiday now and in the future.

Growing quality award-winning trees is a year-round process.
Jack's Creek Farm has 51 years of experience growing the best trees in Georgia. It starts with caring for and preparing the soil, then nutrients are added and the pH is balanced to create a rich fertile bed for the trees to grow in. Maturing at varying rates, the trees take anywhere from three to five years to grow into
beautiful Christmas trees.

As the trees grow they provide oxygen to the atmosphere, habitat for wildlife, and of course beauty to the eye. The trees are pruned at just the right time of their growth to give each tree that perfect Christmas tree shape.

Jack's Creek Farm grows Leyland Cypress, Arizona Cypress,
Red Cedars, and Green Giant, while also providing
fresh, pre-cut Fraser Firs.


"Cut-Your-Own" Trees

We have a variety of beautiful "cut-your-own" trees available!  You can choose from Leyland Cypress, Red Cedars, Blue Ice, Carolina Sapphire, & Green Giant.  Take time to wander the rows and choose the perfect tree for your family!

Three women picking out a pre-cut Christmas tree.

Fresh, Pre-Cut Trees

Our fresh, pre-cut Fraser Fir Christmas Trees are shipped from North Carolina the day after they are cut. Once the trees arrive at the farm they are unloaded, receive a fresh cut at the base, are placed in water, and displayed in a stand until the trees are sold.

Trees for Troops being packaged up and loaded onto a FedEx truck.

Trees for Troops

Jack's Creek Farm takes part in the Christmas Spirit Foundation's Trees For Troops program.  Each year, we pledge 15 trees to be sent from our farm to  US Troops all over the world.

Want to help?  You can purchase a tree to be sent to a US Soldier this season for only $55!

The Process

When you arrive at the farm, we will give you direction on where to go. We provide a handsaw for you to use at your own risk. All trees have a price tag. After you pick out your tree, you will take it to one of the barns and we will shake, bail and tie the tree to your car, or we will load it in your truck!

Think it's too far to visit Jack's Creek Farm?

Show proof that you live 30+ miles away and receive $5 off any Christmas Tree!  Click below to print a coupon to bring with you!

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